The adventure of a lifetime? Or just plain crazy?

From the beginning
Last year (2013) while on Christmas vacation in Miami my boyfriend Chris and I decided to quit our jobs and travel North America in a conversion van for the next couple of years. We planned to make money on the road moving trailers and other assorted goods for people and when put into practice it wasn’t a completely horrible way to make a living. Except when it was.

And now to catch you up
As the warmer months arrived we realized we had a few too many competitors. After a couple of cancellations and one non-payment we bid farewell to U-Ship. However, instead of deflating our tires (see what I did there?) it made us more determined to get it right. We sold the van, got some crappy paying jobs, learned there is a limit to familial hospitality and put Chris through trucker school. We figured, why look for shipments when someone could do it for us. The only stipulation Chris had when looking for a job was that I would be allowed to come along.

And here we are, a few months later, many experiences smarter (my parents hope), some interesting additions to my resume and we’re ready to hit the road again. So stay tuned as our adventures continue.

Read about our past adventures.

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